Lockdown Care Pack

Lockdown Care Pack

Show your loved ones how much you're missing them and how much you care with our CARE PACK  of a nutritious Quiche and a Sweet treats of a bag of Amaretti and Ursula throws in a bar of her own Nougat. With delivery included. 


Choose from our menu of Quiches from the classics Lorraine or Florentine, or our other varieties with Mushroom/Feta, Salmon/Leek, Asparagus/Leek or even the Pumpkin/Sage.


Ursula will add the Apricot/Lime zest Amaretti and her Cranberry/Pistachion/Coconut nougat.


Starting from $55 including delivery. 



Small 8" size will serve 4-6 portions  - $55  or GF base $65

Large 10" size will serve 6-8 portions - $63 or GF base $78


Available with Gluten free base +$10/8" or + $15/10"


    All our quiches use fresh local ingredients, where available. 

    Our quiches do contain wheat, eggs and milk.


    Due to the restrictive laws that govern food service in New South Wales, we are unable to have a return policy.

    If you do experience dissatisfaction with your order, we will gladly offer you a refund.


    If you have ordered your quiches for delivery, we will endeavour to reach your designated location within the time requested. We cannot, however, be responsible for circumstances that are not in our control, like traffic or incliment weather.