Ursula's Xmas Nougat

Ursula's Xmas Nougat

We've taken Ursula's nougat to another level.

Our Xmas nougat is available from December in preparation for your Xmas treats.


Now available in individually wrapped packets of 60gm (minimum) for $7, buy 10 for $50,  or for December only a full tray (bulk) of 20 individually wrapped packets for $90.


- Pistachio, Almond, Cranberry, Glacé Orange, Sultana, Cinnamon & Honey.


This product contains Nuts, Egg white, and Sugar.


    Contains nuts, eggwhite and sugars


    Due to the restrictive laws that govern food service in New South Wales, we are unable to have a return policy.

    If you do experience dissatisfaction with your order, we will gladly offer you a refund.


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