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All About Us

Food has always been Ursula’s passion.


Although the journey from food lover to quiche and tart queen has happened gradually for this former pastry chef, she has finally found her true culinary calling.


Ursula was raised in a multicultural home, a cocktail of Moroccan-Spanish and Hungarian-Dutch parents (with a dose of Chinese thrown in there too!). She was born in Paris and moved to Australia when she was a young girl. Thanks to her family heritage, Ursula learnt to appreciate complex foods, rich in spices and herbs, many that cooked for days (this particularly from her North African father) and later, when living in Australia, the contrast of the wholesome and fresh flavours of new-world produce.


It’s no secret that Ursula always looked forward to dessert, and grew up choosing her main meal of the day based around her sweet choices.

This is the inspiration behind TART by Ursula, a unique blending of her first loves of the sweet and savoury and tailoring them the to suit the mood of the moment.


At TART by Ursula, you are guaranteed a mouth-watering experience with every bite. You will find something as classic as quiche Lorraine, but also a lower calorie spinach quiche too. Discover seasonal treats with her asparagus and leek quiches and finally, Ursula’s dessert talents hit the right note with the decadence of rich chocolate or fruity pear or apple tarts. 


Either way, there is a delicious quiche or tart for everyone, a promise Ursula makes not only to her customers, but to herself.

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