Mini Quiches (x 6pcs)

Mini Quiches (x 6pcs)

Mini quiches 8cm diameter. The perfect size for one.

Starting from $48 for 6 mini quiches.


Our gourmet quiches available for your parties or picnics. Or for those hungry family members who can't wait for dinner. All our minis made exactly the same as the larger ones with our famous crumbly short crust base and creamy egg filling.


Choose from the variety listed below, or call Ursula to choose a different flavour. 

Lorraine, Florentine & Mushroom @ $48/6 mini quiches

Asparagus, Chorizo & Salmon @ $60/6 mini quiches


Can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.


Not yet available in Gluten free 

    PriceFrom $48.00