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What makes my life easier in the kitchen are great quality tools. Here's my go-to list


The only knives I use in the kitchen for preparing your dishes are Wüstof.

If you are keen to get a set, then this set of three will cover all your needs;

Or if you want to know what I'm using everyday, it's this 20cm Chef knife. Perfect for all your kitchen needs.

My favourite Paring knife is the Victorinox which my mum gave me when I was a young women. I recall her peeling oranges with this knife. It seems it was always in her hands whenever she was in the kitchen.

LAGUIOLE has always had a high quality standard, and so I was surprised to see my favourite steak knives recently available at Aldi. I bought my steak knives in France 20 years ago and still love using them each time. I remember the delight I had purchasing them so long ago, and feeling so luxurious. I never put them in the dishwasher. I love how they feel heavy in my hand and I find them so easy to cut with.

BREAD CUTTING BOARD (with crumb tray)

I've had my bread cutting board since I was in my 20's. I only use it for bread, and I know that it's a major luxury, but each time I slice bread I make a little ritual of it. And it just makes my bread (with butter and jam) taste that much better.

The crumb drawer is the highlight, of course. It makes it so much easier, cleaner and feels like I'm in a country house slicing newly baked bread.

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